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Can’t find a design that suits your vision? We custom design depending on your requirements! Sit down with our team and customise the Granny Flat of your dreams

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So, what’s stopped you from adding a granny flat?

Maybe you thought granny flats were for acreage properties, or they were a basic garage conversion. But in fact, granny flats are now incredibly popular for properties of all shapes, sizes and locations. Granny flats start from comfortable 30m2 studios to spacious 3-bedroom homes fit for families. They can fit all budgets, purposes and styles of homes, from contemporary to colonial. It’s 100% free to have one of our team visit your property and give you on-the-spot advice about what kind of granny flat would work for you. And, we’re completely transparent about prices and inclusions. You’ll get all the information upfront with no hidden surprises, so you can decide if it’s the right step for you.

“But I’m worried that…”

In our years of building granny flats, we’ve heard it all! Most things you might think are roadblocks are notactually a problem at all. For instance, you might think:

But tiny homes can fit in very tiny spaces! We build small studios through to sizeable 3-bedroom homes to suit any parcel of land.

The minimum space required for a secondary dwelling is 30m2. We can visit your property to measure your land and work out the best-fitting granny flat, all free of charge with no obligation to go ahead.

Actually, granny flats are a frugal option because you don’t need to pay for the biggest expense: land! You’ll also save on stamp duty, rates etc. And, you could earn significant rental income every week!

We offer some of the best prices in South East Queensland but we never skimp on quality. We don’t believe in hidden costs and fees; the price you get from us includes everything, and we can incorporate extras that others don’t such as landscaping, decks and driveways.

Like any home build, the final price depends on size and inclusions. To give you an idea though, you could be looking at around $90,000 to $125,000.

However, when you compare that to the cost of a new home these days –approximately $300,000 – plus the savings on buying land and all the purchasing fees, settlement fees and so on, it’s a very small sum for the returns!

Well, it starts with one easy call! You’ll have a team leader who will help you from start to finish with sizing, choosing a plan, managing the build, and taking care of the paperwork.

We’ll visit your property to do a free measure and quote, and from there you can choose your favourite granny flat design and the fittings and fixtures. Our design team can help you if you need it. You’ll be assigned a team leader who will manage your project, give you updates on the build and complete all the inspections – and hand the keys over when it’s ready.

That’s true, but you can add a granny flat to an investment property to quickly boost your yield. It can also make it easier to be approved for a loan if you can guarantee a higher rental return.

Once you factor all the extra costs like ground preparation, permits, labour, landscaping, fittings, fixtures, finishings and landscaping, you might find you’re paying a lot more (and taking far longer) to DIY than to have professionals do it.

People think DIY is better because it’s cheaper, but DIY kits focus only on the building materials. You’ll also need to have it assembled, run power and plumbing, pay for and pass inspections, add landscaping, fencing and concreting – the list goes on and on.

All told, the final price between DIY and custom-built is very small; it’s just that you did all the work instead of letting professionals take care of it for you! A DIY kit won’t include any kind of builder’s warranty either.

We include everything your granny flat needs, including driveways and landscaping. There are no hidden costs; your tiny home will be move-in ready complete with builder’s warranty.

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